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Thomas D. Jones, PhD, is a scientist, speaker, author, pilot, and veteran NASA astronaut. In more than eleven years with NASA, he flew on four space shuttle missions to Earth orbit. On his last flight, Dr. Jones led three spacewalks to install the centerpiece of the International Space Station, the American Destiny laboratory. He has spent fifty-three days working and living in space. read more


Happy to remind everyone of the Oct. 17 release of my "Space Shuttle Stories" from Smithsonian. I've received an early hard copy and it looks spectacular! It's based on 130+ shuttle flier interviews, with an astronaut tale from each one of the 135 missions. Can pre-order online.

Was at the #MapsAir Museum in Akron/Canton, OH, last week for the Martin #B-26 Marauder Historical Society reunion. MAPS has a beautifully restored Marauder, Charly's Jewel, built in 1941 and recovered from NW Canada in 1970s. Great to speak to two WWII Marauder vets.

Hope you can join me for an off-planet lunch:

Lunch with an Astronaut - Skyland - Shenandoah National Park

My comments on #FoxNews yesterday about our imminent return to the Moon, and whether that progress will be fast enough for @NASA to arrive before other, less cooperative space powers.

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